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  • What kind of equipment is used at your facility?
    We utilize anything and everything that will push you and challenge you in ways different from a typical gym. Some exercises may just use body weight, others may utilize dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, suspension trainers, bands, battle ropes, buckets, tractor tires, PVC pipe … when we say almost anything we mean almost anything! What you WONT see is boring treadmills, and huge intimidating weight machines. We don’t use machines, we build them!
  • Will I be fit enough for class? What if I need modifications?
    At Route 20 Fitness we cater for all from beginner to advanced. You will work out hard and you will be pushed to be the best of your abilities but at your own pace. All our workouts in all classes are based around intervals, which means you are completing an exercise for a certain amount of time, not a certain number of reps. For example we may have Dumbbell Bicep curls set up at one station with an interval time of 1 minute. You may only get 10 reps in that 1 minute interval, the person next to you may get 20 reps, that’s okay! We never compete with each other and we provide different options for different fitness levels. Exercise should leave you feeling energized and happy, not exhausted.
  • How many times a week should I attend class?
    For best results we recommend at least 3-4 sessions per week. While you can see progress with 1-2 sessions per week, our clients see a big difference in strength and fitness once they up their sessions to 3-4 sessions and beyond.
  • How many calories do you burn in a class?
    This will depend on which of our classes you choose, the intensity of the workout for the day, your height, weight, etc … but it usually be between 400-800 calories during the workout session. What sets our program apart from others is the metabolism boost that comes with our workouts. Because of the setup and style of workouts we offer at Route 20 Fitness your metabolism is kicked into overdrive during your workout and your body will burn additional calories in the 24-48 hours after your workout.
  • What should I wear, what should I bring to class?
    Any athletic clothing that you are comfortable moving around in and a clean pair of athletic shoes, along with a water bottle, and if you sweat a lot a towel!
  • How much is your membership?
    Our membership rates vary depending on how many classes per week you wish to attend and how long you wish to be a member, but we guarantee we will give you personal training level results for only a fraction of the cost. We encourage everyone who is interested in checking out the studio to book a FREE Consultation and Studio Tour so we can figure out if our studio is a good fit for you. If you end up loving it we offer a RISK FREE 28 day trial of the studio for only $28 to allow you to see if our program will fit in your daily schedule and make sure the workouts are definitely right for you. If at any point in the trial you don’t love our program we offer a 100% money back guarantee!
  • What's included in the 28 day $28 trial?
    Our $28 trial is designed to allow you complete access to the studio with no restrictions. You will receive unlimited access to all classes, 2 optional STYKU Body scans, and our eazy follow nutrition plan … everything that's included with our traditional memberships. Our 28 day trial is RISK FREE, If at any point in the trial you don’t love our program we offer a 100% money back guarantee!
  • What’s included with memberships?
    Route 20 Fitness is a full service fitness studio. Not only do we offer a wide array of classes that will help you improve your fitness in many different areas, but also progress checks and nutrition help for all our members at no additional cost. This trio is the “secret” to results!
  • What is Selfloops?
    Selfloops is our in house heart rate monitoring technology. Members have the awesome experience of seeing real time data during their workout, enabling them to push themselves to new limits. This system is the ONLY system on the market that works with any ANT+ armband, chest band, or Apple Watch! After class, members can view a report of their workout in their email or in the Selfloops Spark app. Best of all each week we post the top 10 Calorie Burners and top 10 TRIMP Point earners and give away prizes accordingly!
  • What do the 5 colored zones mean and what zone should I aim to be in during the workout?
    Each of the 5 colored zones represent a range of your personal MAX heart rate. During a workout, members should focus on being in the Yellow, Orange and Red zones to achieve the most calories burnt and the most after burn. Zone 1, Blue 0% - 59% of your personal MAX Heart Rate Easy effort, like a warm up, recovery or cool down. Zone 2, Green 60% - 59% of your personal MAX Heart Rate Average effort, a comfortable sustainable challenge Zone 3, Yellow 70% - 79% of your personal MAX Heart Rate Average effort, feels challenging, heavy breathing Zone 4, Orange 80% - 89% of your personal MAX Heart Rate Hard effort, very challenging Zone 5, Red Higher than 90% of your personal MAX Heart Rate As hard as you can go, very short bursts
  • What are TRIMP Points?
    The TRIMP (TRaining IMPulse) score measures the activity intensity. The harder and longer you train, the higher your TRIMP score will be.TRIMP Points are awarded for minutes spent in the Yellow, Orange and Red zones. Aim for 25 or more TRIMP Points per class.
  • I'm pregnant. Can I still do the workout?
    More than likely yes! However we recommend all pregnant women obtain clearance from their medical provider prior to beginning an exercise routine during pregnancy.
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