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At Route 20 Fitness we designed our programs to get you the body that you want as quickly and safely as possible, all in a fun and non-intimidating atmosphere, and always led by an experienced, certified coach.


We offer a wide variety of class styles which deliver amazing results in half the time of a typical workout, all while boosting your metabolism and providing an after burn that increases calorie burn for DAYS after your workout.


Unlike working one-on-one with a personal trainer, our workout programs are done in a group setting. Every fitness level is welcome and our workouts can be tailored to any individual's specific needs while still having the support network and fun atmosphere of a group setting. Best of all, our group setting keeps the cost of the program affordable, while still delivering great value to all our members.

We also know that the workouts are only PART of the solution ... You need to track progress and know what to eat to hit your goals. That's why we also offer one-on-one progress checks with our state of the art STYKU Body scanner along with our Easy Follow nutrition example plans ... taking the guesswork out of what to eat and when to eat it for the best results!


Our Boot camp class combines strength training with high intensity cardio bursts and is designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and leave you feeling great!


Each class starts with a full demonstration of the daily workout by one of our certified coaches, lasting about the first 5 minutes of class. We go over each movement that will be performed in the workout for that day, show ways to modify the movements to make them harder or easier to meet your needs, and answer any questions anyone may have regarding the workout. After the workout explanation is complete our coaches then lead the class participants through a 7-8 minute warm up designed to get your muscles loose and ready. Then, it's time for the work to begin!


The workout portion of our Boot Camp class lasts for about 40 minutes and consists of a wide variety of strength and cardio movements combined to get you the most efficient workout in the least amount of time. Class participants will rotate through multiple pre-set up “stations” and complete exercises for a designated amount of time. During the workout our coaches walk around the workout floor to encourage, motivate and check all participants for proper form and technique to ensure a safe and effective workout. Each class is different from the day before, in fact we never repeat the same workout more than once a year! This challenges your body in new and exciting ways every time, and is sure to leave you dripping with sweat by the end of every class.


Finally we finish off the class with a cool down, taking you through stretches that loosen your muscles back up, promote recovery, and leave you feeling great!


That booty of yours isn’t just a favorite body part, it is the biggest muscle in your entire body! It's time to work it!


Booty Boot Camp is a 30 minute class focused on developing and toning your BUTT. We don’t want to make that booty smaller, we want to lift it, tone it, tighten it, strengthen it, and shape it. You will target the glutes from multiple planes and also work the assisting muscles like your quads and hamstrings. To finish the class we will perform a combination of highly effective stretches to release and elongate those muscles. Not only will this class help you to see those beautiful curves, but soon you’ll start noticing stronger glute muscles that help stabilize your pelvis and maintain proper movement with your hips. This will also help increase flexibility, mobility, and balance. If that wasn’t enough, your stronger glute muscles will also minimize the risk for injuries and improve body alignment when partaking in other athletic activities such as running, lifting, Boot Camp, playing sports, even playing with your kids!

Description Coming Soon!

Description Coming Soon!