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Finally ... The RESULTS you want, with the lifestyle and community you need to keep them!

Do you struggle with ...


Nutrition made simple! Our easy to follow meal plans take the guesswork and questions out of what to eat and when to eat it for the best results!


No figuring it out alone, boring treadmills or intimidating equipment. Our friendly, certified coaches provide a fun atmosphere that delivers results and keeps you coming back for more!


We provide one on one meetings to help you settle on the right set of goals, set up a plan to meet those goals, and courtesy phone calls/texts when you're absent to keep you accountable!


Our group workouts are designed to bring out your best and provide a stress free, fun, and hard working setting with our wonderful member community. 

We know what it's like!
Let us help you finally achieve the results you've always wanted!


Here's Just A Few Reasons To Get Started

Improve Health

Consistency with our classes will lower blood pressure, regulate hormones, and protect against other chronic diseases.

Weight Loss

Our classes combined with good nutrition can help you finally achieve your weight loss goals.

Sleep Better

Our program will help reduce levels of stress and anxiety, giving you better sleep than you have had in years!


Increased Flexibility

All classes include warm ups and cool downs designed to prevent injury, build strong joints and increase your flexibility.

Toned, Lean Muscles

Our workouts are specifically designed to burn off any unwanted body fat and help make you stronger, giving you a lean, athletic and toned look.

More Energy

No more mid day crashes, body aches and fatigue. Finally have more energy to do the things you want to do!

Hear What Our Members Have To Say


Amazing Instructors

“Route 20 Fitness has been the best gym I’ve ever gone to. It’s so easy to stick with it bc classes are almost never the same. You’re always getting a great workout in without having to spend time figuring out what to do, they just tell you! The instructors are all amazing and help you modify moves if needed, and also push you harder if they feel you can handle it. Love this place!!”



~ Hayley T.


Unique and Motivating Workouts!

“I have been a member at Route 20 for 2+ Years. Each daily workout is unique and motivating. The schedule is consistent so you know which day is focused on upper body, lower body, core and full body workouts. Safe environment, the Trainers have a keen focus on everyone’s form and ensure you’re doing each move the right way. They encourage me to work hard, lift heavier, move faster to ensure I push myself and have a great workout. I always walk out feeling accomplished and conquered my workout for that day.”


~ Adrienne R.


All Around Great Gym

“Route 20 fitness is the type of gym that makes you feel accomplished after every single workout. The boot camp classes at route 20 get your heart pumping and your blood flowing! Every time I leave this gym I feel extremely strong and wanting more! The coaches are amazing and help you along throughout each class. Staff is always kind, nice, personable and so so helpful!!! Such an amazing gym all around! Definitely recommend. 5 stars”



~ Kara C.



I have been a member of this gym for over 5 years. I love it! The workouts are geared toward all fitness levels from beginner to gym enthusiasts. They change everyday ensuring all muscles groups are worked. Scott, the owner, took extreme precautions during Covid to make sure everyone was safe, he did more than what was required by state and federal mandates and continues to work hard at ensuring a safe, healthy gym environment. The other gym members are friendly and encouraging, the coaches push you to be your best! Try it, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

~ Mischelle W.

Getting Started With Route 20 Fitness Is Easy ...


Book Your Free Consultation and Studio Tour

Click the link below to schedule a FREE Consultation  and tour of our studio with one of our expert coaches. 


Come Tour Our Studio and Meet The Coaches!

Meet with one of our coaches to tour the facility, share your goals, and get a feel for our community, coaches, and classes. Discover what makes Route 20 Fitness different! 


Jump Start Your New Lifestyle, Never Look Back!

Start your 28 Day Trial for only $28. We guarantee you’ll love it or receive a full refund! It’s time to become the best version of yourself!

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