Outdoor Boot Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be able to use my current membership for the outdoor classes that are starting?

A: No. For the time being all memberships will remain frozen until full services can begin again. No exceptions. 


Q: When do you anticipate the outdoor classes starting?

A: Monday, July 27, 2020! The ability to purchases class passes and register will open on 7/20/2020 @ 10 am!

Q: Are non members able to participate in these outdoor classes? 

A: Yes! For the time being, until we are able to resume operations normally, anyone is welcome to purchase a single class or class pack through Zen Planner to use to participate in an outdoor class.


Q:How much does it cost to participate in an outdoor class? 

A: A single class can be purchased for $15. However, if you plan on coming regularly we do have several options to help save you some money. A pack of 5 classes can be purchased for $65 or a pack of 10 classes can be purchased for just $100. These are all available for purchase through Zen Planner. Once you purchase one of these memberships you will have the access to reserve a space in class. 


Q: So….I’m technologically challenged….how do I do that stuff you just mentioned above⤴️ so I can come to class? 😵

A: If you are a member of Route 20 Fitness already or were here previously: Open your Zen Planner app. From the upper left-hand menu select 'Purchase' and you will see the available class packages. Select whichever fits your needs and hit 'Next'. Once you have completed payment (and signed your waiver) head back to the main menu in the upper left corner and select ‘Calendar’; you can now see and reserve your space in classes! 

If you have never attended Route 20 Fitness: Head to our Zen Planner member connect website at route20fitness.zenplanner.com

Select 'Sign Up' from the menu on the left. Select whichever class package fits your needs. Fill out the registration information regarding yourself and hit 'Continue'. You will now need to enter your payment information and fill out your waiver. Once you have completed these steps select ‘Calendar’ from the options on the left hand menu to view classes and register for the one(s) you want! 


Q: Once purchased how long will I have to use the outdoor class passes? 

A: 3 months from the date of purchase.


Q: What if I do not want to participate in outdoor classes?

A: You are under no obligation to participate in these outdoor classes. As we mentioned before, all memberships are remaining on hold until we can open full services as we understand that there are varied reasons that you may not want to participate in a class at this time. This among other reasons, is why we have set up classes to be purchased fresh on a per class basis but we DO hope to see you.


Q: How do I sign up for class? 

A: You must still reserve your space in class through Zen Planner. The only difference is that you must purchase a single class pass (or pack of classes) before you will be allowed to see/reserve the space. If you have already purchased a pack of classes and still have unused classes you can use one of those passes to reserve your space in class. 

Q:When do I need to cancel my class reservation by if I cannot attend?

A: Due to the reduced number of spaces in classes for the time being we have changed the time by which you have to cancel your class reservation. All cancellations must be done MORE than 6 hours before the start of your class. 


Q: I bought a group of classes but I can’t remember how many I have used/have left to use. Is there a way to check that? 

A: Yes! Open your Zen Planner app. From the upper left-hand menu select ‘View Profile’. Your pack of classes will be listed under the memberships section with a #/5 or a #/10. The # is the total number of classes you HAVE used/have currently scheduled.


Q: What happens if I find I can't attend class after I reserved my space? 

A: You can cancel a class reservation up to 6 hours before the start of the class through Zen Planner. If cancelling more than 6 hours before the start of the class you receive your class pass back to use for a future class. No cancellations can be made within 6 hours of the start of the class. 


Q: What happens if I reserve my space in class and don't show up?

A: No refunds will be given for individuals who fail to keep their class reservation. 


Q: What happened to the waitlist?

A: The option to waitlist yourself for a class is temporarily unavailable based on how the system is set up to purchase these classes online. Classes will be on a first come, first taken basis. This is obviously different from how things are normally run however we plan to re-open the waitlist once we are able to fully re-open again. 


Q: What kind of equipment are we going to use? 

A: Given the nature of the situation we won't be able to use all equipment that we have used in the past however we do still plan on incorporating dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, possible plates and medicine balls in a combination of strength training and cardio movements. 

Q: What happens if the forecast calls for rain?🌧️🌧️🌧️

A: We will be monitoring the weather forecasts and if there is more than a 50% chance of rain during a morning class we will cancel that class by 9 pm the night before. If there is more than a 50% chance of rain for an evening class time we will cancel that class time by 1 pm (the day of) evening classes. Anyone who is scheduled for a cancelled class will receive their class pass back to use for a future class.

Q: What happens if it rains during my class?🌧️🌧️🌧️

A: If we roll the dice and it does start raining during your class you will be refunded your class pass to use for a future class. 


Q: How many people are allowed in each class? 

A: We are starting with a cap of 12 people per class for the first 2 weeks of classes. From there we will re-assess as there is potential to expand this number in the future.


Q: How will we be socially distanced during class? 

A: Workouts will be done in place with 12 ft in between each person. Whenever you are outside of your workout space (walking to the restroom, checking in for class, leaving class, etc.) We kindly ask that you wear a face covering. 


Q: Will a mask need to be worn as I work out? 

A: A mask/face covering will NOT be required when working out however will be required when you are outside your workout space as outlined above.


Q: At what time will classes be offered?🕜🕣🕥

A: The full schedule can be viewed through the Zen Planner app or website once a single class pass or class pack has been purchased. The schedule that we are starting with is subject to change but will start as: 

Monday through Friday: 5 a.m., 7 a.m., 9 a.m., 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Saturday: 7 a.m., 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m.


Q: Why so much time in between classes? 🧹🧼🧽

A: The schedule has been adjusted to allow for extra time to sanitize equipment and surfaces in between classes.


Q: Can I arrive late for class? 

A: The short answer, No. In order to maintain the social distancing precautions we are putting into place and proper check in no one will be admitted to class late. Please make sure to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start of your class.


Q: Can I leave class early?

A: In order to keep the social distancing precautions in effect and not disrupt class we ask that you respect the class time frames and do not leave early.


Q: Is the workout area sunny, shady, etc? ☀️🌄🌱🌳

A: The workout area is grassy and backs up to a wooded area. It receives mostly shade from 11 am onwards. Obviously, the amount of sun will vary from day to day as well as based on the time of class you are coming to so please plan accordingly in regard to sunscreen/hats and plan for any bug repellent you may want for evenings etc. You are welcome to bring a personal yoga mat to place on the grass within your workout space if you wish.


Q: Sometimes it is dang *HOT* out.🌡️🥵🔥 Do you guys have any plans for that? 

A: We have plans for a cool (pun intended 😏) misting tent where you can go to cool down for a few seconds if necessary! Also, as always it is highly recommended that you bring water so that you can stay properly hydrated.


Q: Will restrooms be available?

A: Restrooms will be available however they will be single-use only. Please follow the walkways designated for entry to the restrooms and then the walkways designated for exiting the restrooms. 


Q: Will the water fountain be available? 

A: The water fountain will be temporarily unavailable for use. You are encouraged to bring your own water or we will also have bottled water on hand for sale.


Q: How will class be run? 

A: As previously mentioned we ask that you arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start of your class. Upon arrival you will need to check in at the check-in tent. At that time you will be assigned to a workout space. In respect of social distancing we have marked off spaces for you to stand on the ground while you are waiting to check in and ask that you keep a face covering/mask on during this time.


Class will start promptly on time. At that point the coach will go over the workout for the day and will instruct each person to grab their equipment one at a time. Once everyone has gathered their equipment warm-up and workout will start. 


The coach will still be monitoring form and correcting when necessary during class. Following completion of the workout the coach will dismiss everyone one by one. All equipment will be left in your workout space to be sanitized before the next class.


Q: I see there are no classes on Sundays; is that correct? 

A: Yes, that is correct. We may reevaluate and add in additional classes or change some class times as we learn what works best. 

Q: Why did the class I was looking to book suddenly disappear?

A: If no one is scheduled for any given class time a few hours before the start of that class we reserve the right to cancel 

that class time. Please make sure that you are scheduling yourself ahead of time (if you can do so and do plan on attending class) or are checking the Zen Planner app frequently so you are aware of a cancelled class. We will NOT be sending out notifications if we choose to cancel a class with '0' people signed up.


**If you are not feeling well or are running a fever we kindly ask that you do not attend class.**