From Stefanie: 


"Like everyone else’s story... I was extremely unhappy with my body after my son was born. I saw a groupon to try out route 20, figured it was worth a shot. Dragged my mother with me, our first “try out” class I’ll never forget. Scott was the coach and pt.2 was a 4 min plank hold and if anyone dropped he was making it longer. OMG - I gave a look to my mom and probably telling her with my eyes I’m going to die. I never held it for the full 4 mins, but just that push the first day I knew I was hooked. The difference routines in classes everyday, the push from all the coaches was what I needed. I never in my life imagined doing what I do now and love it. 2 1/2 years later I’m stronger and still not done growing in what I can accomplish. 8 months pregnant and still coming and trying, making another item I never thought I could do checked off. I couldn’t do it without the different classes everyday, the coaches pushing me to do more and the friends I met along the way that I see everyday or watch on FB complete their fitness goals. This has opened my eyes to see a world I never knew existed. Thank you to the coaches at Route 20, the friends everyday telling me “ I can’t believe you are still here, if you are doing it I better step up my game”, and my husband. I couldn’t do any of this without his support at home."

Update: Stef is now the proud mom of a baby girl and is back at the gym and killin' it once more! 

From Terry:


"After 35 years of diets and gyms, Route 20 Fitness is the one that finally
made a difference.  With a common sense approach to nutrition and a fun,
and always different, way of exercising, I have lost 35 pounds since May! 
I encourage everyone  to do the "Challenge", which is a great incentive to
starting an exercise/nutrition program."

From Jeff:


"Route 20 has become my release from the everyday stresses of life. I joined almost 2 years ago on a dare from my two best friends (Stacey and Polly). They said give it a try, it’s not like a normal gym and its way better. So I agreed to give it a shot for 3 months. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to do it. The first 2 weeks I felt like a fish flopping around the gym floor. I was 58 years old walking into a group of 20 something’s feeling out of place. If it wasn’t for Morgan I would have quit. She encouraged me and promised me this would work. She told me I belonged there as much as anyone else and everyone has to start somewhere. She was right, after almost 2 years I lost 20 lbs. and gained strength and flexibility that I had lost over the years. I no longer take any meds and my cholesterol and blood pressure have never been lower. My success did not come without much struggle and a ton of pain…. but that’s what makes us strong. Working hard every class to better ourselves. I didn’t want to be that 60 year old guy who couldn’t do the basic things in life like get out of my car without grunting. I am in the best shape of my life right now, but still have a long way to go. So thanks to every member of the Route 20 team helping me make my life better and always pushing me to my limits. A special thanks to Larissa, (“The little DRILL SARGENT”) for the daily ass kicking. I would like to say to every member, DON’T GIVE UP. GO HARD EVERYDAY. IT’S WORTH IT"

From Christine:

"When I joined Route 20 Fitness with a 3 month Groupon in July of 2016, I was looking for a quick weight loss solution for my wedding that October. Not only was I able to lose weight, tone up, and walk down the aisle with confidence, but I found much so more. In the past, I used to follow the same routine every week until I grew bored of it and quit. I love how every workout is different here. The trainers really care about your progress and aren't afraid to push you. Since being here, I've pushed past so many mental blocks that previously limited me. I've enjoyed seeing my body change and confidence grow. I'm able to do things now that I never thought were possible (I can even alllllllmost do an unmodified push up!). I never thought that over a year after signing up that I'd still be around and sticking to a fitness routine, but here I am and I'm not about to stop. My husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary and I'm in ever better shape than I was on our big day. Thanks to Route 20 Fitness, fitness has transformed from a chore to a lifetime hobby, and I'm excited to see how far I can go!"

From Sara:


"Last summer, I was looking to make a change in my workout routine. The kick boxing class I was taking wasn't doing it for me anymore. A friend of mine suggested I try Route 20 and she even had a free pass for me- so how could I say no? I was hooked after my first class- and even though I couldn't walk for the next week, I kept coming and pushing myself. My plan was to keep to myself, workout and go home- but that didn't last long. Soon after I officially joined the gym, I was invited to join the running group on Facebook and took part in a running challenge, which I ended up winning, logging the most miles in a 30 day period. And since no one really knew me, they all thought Scott made me up to push them to run more! The best part of the running group was the welcome. At the Kailey's Kindness 5k in November, members of the group sought me out to join them in a picture. I believe it was Lori M. who turned to the group and said "See? She does exist!" And ever since then, it's been nothing but kind words and encouragement from this group. And not only did they welcome me into their group, they have been super supportive to my 10 year old son, Rory, who started his running journey this year and so far has run 8 5ks. They're always there to high five him, cheer him on and talk Pokémon with him. I love being a member of this gym! I've made some great friends here. The workouts are always challenging. The staff is so supportive, especially Kapry who knows when I need that extra push with some ankle weights or a plate on my back for planks. I appreciate her being there for me every day. I'm in the best shape of my life and this gym helped me get there."

From Ruth:


""Two years ago, I bought a Groupon with a friend of mine. We both decided to try Boot Camp here at Route 20. I immediately thought to myself after the first class "wow I'm going to die, this will be way too hard". A week or two went by and my friend had quit already, but I decided to continue on all alone on my own. When I refer to myself as being alone, it's because I didn't know anyone, and I didn't feel like I had any support or someone to help push me to keep going to reach my goals. I told myself I needed to try for a little bit longer because I had already paid for it, and nothing else has worked. I knew that all I needed to do was go to boot camp for an hour, get told what to do, and then I get to go home. This needed to work because I knew if I went back to a regular gym I would get lost again and not know what is right from wrong. Thankfully I was able to find that support system and it just so happened to be the same person who would tell me what to do each class, Scott. Scott and the other trainers/staff weren't the only support system I'd acquire at Route 20. I soon realized there were so many others in my classes who were just like me. Those people I've met while being a member of this boot camp are not only my friends, but now my gym family. If you told me two years ago that I'd still be attending classes and not becoming bored of it, I wouldn't have believed you even the slightest. I have not only reached my original goals, but I'm continuing to make new ones. Even when I was injured, my gym family was right there by my side. Everyone helped me in so many ways even before I was able to come back and work out again. The trainers modified my workouts and continued to help me fight to get back to the shape I was in before the injury. I am finally close to the weight I was before the injury, and when I hit that goal I can't wait to conquer the next one. I can't help but thank everyone at Route 20 for changing my life. I am 41 years old and I am healthier and stronger than I ever have been in my life."

From Jaime:

I joined Route 20 Fitness when my aunt unexpectedly signed us both up for classes. She knew I would have NEVER agreed to it on my own. Over two years later, and sticking with it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I never thought I'd find myself looking forward to coming to class every night. No matter what kind of mood I get there in, it's impossible to leave unhappy, or without feeling like I've accomplished something. Scott, the coaches, and staff are always so supportive, helpful, and more than willing to challenge you. I know that without my gym family, I never would have had the motivation to work towards my goals, or step out of my comfort zone enough to do something like the Tough Mudder. The positive atmosphere and the way everyone constantly builds each other up, is what makes this place so great. So happy to have Route 20 Fitness in my life!

From Rachel: 

"One of the best decisions I ever made was joining Route 20 Fitness. There are many things I love about Route 20- not the least of which- is that at 44 years old, I'm the strongest I've ever been. I can do "real" push ups and "real" box jumps (thank you to the class that clapped and cheered when I landed my first one)! While I haven't seen the number on the scale change as quickly as I would like, I've learned it's not all about that. It's about making healthy lifestyle choices everyday, it's about setting a good example for my daughters and actually ENJOYING going to an exercise class. I've lost inches, gained muscle and have better endurance than I've ever had. Scott, Sara, Lindsey and Kapry have encouraged me every step of the way and I know their unending encouragement and knowledge will help me reach that number on the scale!"

From Ginny:  

"There are many things I like about Route 20 and one of the best is every exercise can be modified for every fitness level. When I broke my ankle recently my first thought was - oh no, what about my workouts? After one week I was

back, because I love coming to class and I felt so comfortable knowing the instructors would make

modifications to keep me on track to help me reach my fitness goals. The staff of Rt 20 also is very supportive

and knowledge with the other aspect of fitness, diet and weight loss. I have begun making

adjustments in my diet. I know with their continued support, I will make my weight loss goal."

From Kim:

"So excited to reach the first goal weight I set for myself. Thanks to figuring out what my body needs nutritionally, drinking 100+ oz. of water a day, working out every morning and the amazing workouts at Route 20 I have lost 17.8 lbs and 16.75 total inches since August."